Friday, April 29, 2005

News: Tiger Doesn't Work With Cisco VPN

Tiger is not compatible with the Cisco VPN Client. The fix is supposed to be out in May. Until then if you need VPN do not upgrade to Tiger. If you would still like to try it out you can repartition your hard drive and dual boot Tiger, or install it onto another drive such as an iPod. I have had bad luck with the non destructive repartitioning software on the Mac. If you've used something that works reliably and quickly please let me know. The best solution I see right now is to backup your data and wipe the drive and then create the partitions.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

News: Tiger Party Details

Come one, come all, to the Tiger Release Party at Case's Thwing Student Center. It's open to the public and there will be drinks, food and giveaways. And if your a Case student we will help you install Tiger after 6PM when its released. Let's see how many systems we can get installed!

ACM and SIGMAC are the student groups that setup the event. Apple and PerceptIS (my employer) are sponsoring the event.

Much love to all the people that have helped make this happen. And a special thanks to Samer Karim one of our great student employes. Without his help I couldn't have made this happen.

There is also a party going on at the Apple Store at Legacy Village. I'm sure they'll have more giveaways but we'll be installing more copies of Tiger!

News: Tiger Release Party @ Case

Saturday, April 09, 2005

News: My New blog

I've put up a personal blog. I will keep updating the Mac mini blog. I just wanted a place to put things that are not about the Mac. Let me know what you think.