Thursday, March 02, 2006

The King Is Dead, All Hail The King

I'm psyched about the new mini. I'm going to get one next paycheck.

Here's my first impressions:

The price went up but so did the features. It would have rocked if Apple had been able to keep the price at $500-700 but you can tell they don't have a lot of margin because the educational discount is $30.

Duo Core
Love it. I'm glad I didn't buy a MacBook Pro now. I want the new iBook (which will be called just MacBook) because I don't like the aluminum case of the Pro and it's too big. But I want dual core goodness which I thought Apple wouldn't put in the MacBook because they would want to force me to buy the Pro. Now that the mini has it I'm sure the MacBook will as well. Yeah!

This kicks so much ass. Case has a super fast network and now I'll be able to download crap in seconds instead of minutes. Plus I know it's going to be on the MacBook as well.

It kind of sucks that its a crappy Intel video chip with shared memory. But on the plus side it's gotten decent reviews and with the f'ing fast memory bus it should be OK. I'll benchmark when I get my mini and find out.

This is going to be so much better than Sailing Clicker and the video streaming is sweet.

I swear I'm not as much of an Apple fan boy as others. When you cut me I don't bleed rainbow colors but this mini is exactly what I was waiting for. Thanks Steve!


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