Friday, February 04, 2005

Opinion: When There's a Problem It's a Big Deal

On the Mac when I have a problem it really bothers me. With Windows most people just dismiss it and hope it doesn't come back. Some people even learn to live with their systems running like crap. But if I get any error even a small glitch it really bothers me and I try to find the source.

And the problems are very small. I measure my uptime in weeks not days. The only time I restart is when I've done a software update that requires it. My friends on Windows restart at least once a week just to avoid any problems and 'speed' up there systems. They also worry about disk fragmentation, scan disk, etc. OS X works so well most users have never even heard about this.

Same with anti-virus and spyware. I was asked what spyware removal software I use on the Mac but I couldn't answer because there is none. It's been claimed that it's because there are so few Macs. But even if there where an equal number of Macs and Windows systems Macs would still have fewer infections because the system isn't as vulnerable. And when there was a problem Mac users wouldn't stand for it.


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