Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Opinion: Less Scary Than Linux

People want something other than Windows and Linux is a great technology but it's far from a friendly product.

I've tried Ubuntu for PPC and while it's improved quite a bit over other Linux distros it's still nowhere near as polished as OS X.

Not to mention the Linux community is not always as welcoming as they should be of newbies.

Switching platforms is a scary proposition even for experienced users. Imagine what it must be like for your average person. If your in a large organization there should be help available but if your a small business or home user who do you go to for help? I know you can find self help on the net but this requires knowing the right questions to ask.

Apple on the other hand provides support both on the phone and more importantly in person at the Apple Stores. Until a Linux product comes along that can offer something like this I will keep recommending average people don't install Linux.

One exception is a LiveCD but these offer such a poor experience due to the speed of the optical drive it's not going to convince many too switch.


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