Saturday, January 22, 2005

Even Snow Storms Can't Keep Me From the mini

Your intrepid blogger wanted to be at the Apple store first thing this morning but mother nature had other ideas.

After digging my self out, the drive that normally takes a half hour took twice as long. But a little snow wasn't going to keep me away.

They had two minis on display and a few people where using them. I talked to the staff while I was waiting and they said there where six people waiting at 9AM when they opened and they all bought minis.

I asked them if I could upgrade to Airport (WiFi) and Bluetooth after buying the mini. They said yes but didn't have the upgrade modules yet. They also said they would recommend them installing the modules as it's very hard.

Then I asked about the high price for the 1GB module. They said Apple uses the highest quality RAM and was working on finding a cheaper supplier. In the meantime they said it would not void the warranty to upgrade it myself but they don't recommend it for most people.

Next I asked if they got special putty knives. Which made them chuckle and they said they had but they didn't have Apple logos on them or anything.

No one yet had complained about the lack of keyboard and mouse. Overall they where super nice and great guys.

Finally I got to use the 1.42 mini. I picked it up and couldn't believe how light and small it was. You really have to see this in person.

I started playing around with it. It was very snappy until I loaded four or five apps and maxed out the 256MB of RAM. I downloaded VLC and several high quality DivX files which of course it had no problems playing.

The internal speaker isn't very loud. I could hardly hear it in the store. So I plugged in my head phones and the sound quality was very good.

I ran through the iLife and iWork apps and as long as there was free memory things were smooth.

I even downloaded Xbench and ran it. Here is the results file if your interested in that kind of thing. To sum them up it compares very well to a G4 iMac Flat Panel.

It really is a great system for most people and I can't wait to get mine.


At 1/23/2005 07:05:00 AM, Blogger jon999 said...

that snow looked pretty deep, been a while since we had snow like that in the uk. I'd have probably stayed in bed! Sahem they didn't have any left to buy.
The mac mini looks good with the monitor and keyboard, I've got a stainless steel!! monitor with dvi that i've been using a while with my pc (acer AL1731) so i'm hoping its going to look the part as well as the apple one, it was quite cheap when I bought it too. Hopfully it will be quiet enough to have it on my big desk.

At 1/23/2005 11:48:00 AM, Blogger Jason Sares said...

From what I could tell at the store and from reading about it, the mini is almost silent except for the optical drive.

At 1/23/2005 12:23:00 PM, Blogger Daze said...

When I went down to Maryland in December last year, they Apple Store guys said the same thing to me regarding their high memory prices for the Power Book. I own a 12" PB 867MHz which is maxed out at 640MB RAM and runs kind of sluggish at times so I almost upgraded the memory by adding a 1G module but then figure that this PB's main problem is the slow CPU. Let's get the G5 PowerBooks out!

I am still waiting for a speed bump in the PowerMac line to pick one up. I am a switcher, but the Mac mini seems not too much of a speed upgrade...

At 1/23/2005 12:36:00 PM, Blogger Daze said...

I ran Xbench on my PB 12" 867MHz that has a 7200RPM Hitachi and 640MB RAM running Panther. My overall Xbench score was an 82.03 vs. 113.57 on a 1.42GHz Mac mini. Curiously, my faster 7200RPM HD scores lower than the 4200PM in the mini, i.e. 54.81 vs 61.25. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the Mac mini had a new OS load with minimal software and file defragmentation?


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