Saturday, January 22, 2005

Getting the Big Picture On the mini

Many smart people think Apple has something up it's sleeve with the mini. Om Malik makes the case on his blog that the after market will come up with products to turn the mini into the ultimate HTPC. As this happens Apple and Sony will team together and offer movies online.

Will iTheater revolutionize the movie industry the same way iTunes has for music? I know I'd rather pay $10 for new movies than buy the DVD at Best Buy. Plus don't forget that a lot of iTunes business is in obscure titles. This could mean you'll soon be able to watch almost any film you can think of. And with cheap HD camcorders coming to market there will be a ton of new niche content. I can almost smell the popcorn now.


At 1/23/2005 07:08:00 AM, Blogger Ken said...

I'm a PC puke... heavily invested in Windows technology and able to work very effectively with it.

I have a 2gen and a 4gen iPod and an pleased though the batteries could be better. More than the iPod I like the iTunes software.

I ordered a loaded mini to "see". At twice the price of a 40GB iPod it is something I can afford.

I don't expect to be so WOW!d that I ditch my Windows investment.

Think of it (in a way) like a happily married man with a wife, 2 kids, a career, and a home who goes on an overnight business trip and meets someone young and exciting for a dalliance (sic). He may have a wonderful time but he's gonna go home to his "momma" in the morning.

I see the Mini as my dalliance.

What the Mini later becomes is yet TBDd.

Thanks for the blog.


At 1/23/2005 11:47:00 AM, Blogger Jason Sares said...

Ken, I love your analogy of it as an affair. Why is it that people keep tying the Mac and sex together?

If your current marriage is happy (with Windows) I hope you can keep this one on the dl. Cause I don't think Windows is into open relationships. Now if your looking for something like that you could try Linux. She seems very progressive and at least with the BSD core the Mac and her could speak the same language.

And thanks for the thanks! This is the first blog I've done and I couldn't be happier with the response.


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